Windows Games

Games for Windows 64-Bit OS
All these games were written by me, ScottyAnimation and are free for you to download and use. These programs contain no ads and in most cases are just single EXE files that do not create or depend on any external files. My logic being that I wanted the programs to be completely self-contained without having to be installed or un-installed, and therefore easily disposed of if  desired. Google Drive automatically does virus scanning but as always, I suggest scanning it again with your own malware detecting software before running. Windows will display the un-verified publisher dialog box because I'm too cheap to pay them (or anyone else) for certification.

Some games require a 4-digit play code, it's free...

5 Candles
LAST UPDATED: 08/12/2017
The BETA version of 5 Candles, an original horror game written by ScottyAnimation. It's completely free and has no restrictions! The goal of the game is to make it out of an apartment alive before the demon gets loose and consumes your soul. Can you make it? Well, play and find out! Leave comments on 5 Candles video on YouTube. You can download the game here


Windows 64-bit OS and USB joystick.
An unfinished version of PACMAN called DOTMAN that I wrote as a test in PureBasic on Windows. You can download it from here... DOTMAN.EXE You can only run around the maze collecting dots. The one-eyed monsters will just pass right thru you. Like I said, it's not finished. I was testing packaging all the graphics and sound files into a single EXE. More complete games coming soon.


REQUIREMENTS: Windows 64-bit OS and USB joystick.
An unfinished platform game where the player attacks an enemy underground fortress. Has multiple screens and lots of machine gun fire. Let me know what you think about and if enough people are interested then I'll finish it. You can download it here