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There are two commands that handle color capability within ScottyAnimation BASIC and they are:
COLOR <alpha,red,green,blue>
SETCOLOR <index,red,green,blue>

The COLOR command is used for graphic commands such as BOX, LINE, CIRCLE, etc.
The SETCOLOR command is used to define the 32-color palette used for the editor, sprites and images.

For instance, if you wanted to change the editor's background color to black, type the following:
SETCOLOR 0,0,0,0

If you wanted to change the editor's text to blue, then type:
SETCOLOR 1,0,0,255

The 32 colors defined using this command can also be seen by holding down the SHIFT key and pressing A thru Z keys. Q represents index 0 (or background), W=1, E=2, R=3, etc. So yeah, only 26 colors are available through the keyboard so far!