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Player Missle Graphics & Sprites

SPRITEINIT <line_number,sprite_index,width,height>
This command is used to create sprites. The first parameter: <line_number> refers to a program line that the command should reference when defining a sprite. You can draw an image in the program code by using the SHIFT key in conjuction with any letter key (i.e. A thru Z). This will draw a color character on the screen. <sprite_index> can be any number between 1 and 32. <width> and <height> can contain the value of 1 or 2. This determines if the sprite will be 32 or 64 pixels in size. Keep in mind however that even though the sprite may take up 64x64 pixels on the screen, it still only is defined by 32x32 pixels.
IMPORTANT! The program line immediately after your sprite definition MUST be a REM statement!

SPRITEBORDER <sprite,x0,y0,x1,y1>
    If sprite=0 then all 32 sprites border will be defined.
These commands have priority over all the other sprite commands.

SPRITEHIT <linenumber,sprite,w,h,timer>
SPRITEMOVE <sprite,x,y,string,inc_x,inc_y>
SPRITELABEL <sprite,label>
MISSLE <sprite,sprite,step x,step y>
SPRITECOLLISION <linenumber,sprite,label>
HIDESPRITES <start,end>
SHOWSPRITES <start,end>
SPRITEINIT <line number,index,w,h,string>
SPRITEDRAW <index,visible,x,y>
SPRITEWHICH - Variable sprite collision
SPRITETEXT <index,w,h,label>
IF SPRITE <name> GOTO <line number>
IF SPRITE <name> GOSUB <line number>
IF SPRITE <name> RUN <filename>